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MyHummy was created to help babies and their parents enjoy a good night's sleep.

The Heart of myHummy

soothes and settles

White and Pink Noise


White and pink noise has a soothing effect on babies and helps them sleep better by masking other sounds. Babies associate white and pink noise with warmth, comfort and security.

myHummy emits 5 types of white and pink noise

Gaussian white noise signal,
f: 20 - 20,000 Hz

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Parents’ testimonials


12 week old Jayden would never nap in the day time unless he was being held meaning I could never get anything done and he’d be very grumpy all day. We’d tried other sleep aids but this one is by far the best! He sleeps at least 5 hours through the night now.. his favourite sound is the wave one ?definitely worth the buy if you like your sleep!

Jasmine Bayes

My little girl is now 1 and was debating about trying this since she was 8 months thinking she will be too old for it now but it still works. It helps settle her off to sleep within minutes, if she wakes in the night it will help send her back to sleep. I couldn’t recommend this product enough. I wish I had gotten it earlier and could have saved myself all those sleepless nights. We’ve had our myhummy for just over 2 weeks and it’s the best bedtime buddy we’ve found... thank you so very much

Beth Dickens

We have had our snoozy for just over a month and I swear it's magic. We absolutely love this product. Our little one is 5 months old likes to snuggle up to it and is asleep in no time. We were struggling to get her to sleep without rocking for what felt like hours and naps were non existent. Now we don't have to do that and can just see her peacefully go to sleep rather than screaming going to sleep and we now get naps. The sleep sensor is perfect, we have two dogs who bark and she doesn’t wake up at all. It's magic, really magic!! Thank you for whoever invented this!! From one well rested mummy.

Sammie Farquhar

Harper has always loved white noise and for months we used our phones and iPad to help her nap and get to sleep at night. Now she has her myhummy she self settles and we get our phones back! Love the sleepy head :) so worth the money!

Samantha Slater

What do doctors say?

White and pink noise is recommended by doctors, midwives and sleep experts. A renowned American pediatrician, Dr. Harvey Karp, compares the first few weeks of a child’s life to the fourth trimester of pregnancy. He recommends creating conditions similar to those a newborn baby experienced in their mum’s tummy. Babies feel safe when surrounded by the right amount of white noise because it simulates sounds they heard in their prenatal lives. It can also have a soothing effect on babies who suffer from colic.

Awards and certifications

MyHummy sleep aid for babies has received many prestigious awards and favourable opinions from mums and dads around the world. MyHummy is suitable from birth and complies with the strictest EU safety standards.



MyHummy emits white noise which is loved by babies. It reminds them of the sounds they heard in their mum’s tummy and masks other sounds that may disturb sleep. It has a soothing effect, leading to a longer and more restful sleep.

Every myHummy emits 5 types of white noise which resemble: a hairdryer, vacuum cleaner, ocean waves, rainfall, and amniotic fluid with heartbeat.

MyHummy plays for 60 minutes and then gradually fades out. After that, the models featuring the Sleep Sensor enter a stand-by mode in which the sound comes on again if the baby starts to stir or if there is an increase in the background noise. The sound plays for another 60 minutes and this cycle is repeated for 12 hours. The Sleep Sensor models can also play non-stop for up to 12 hours.

Every myHummy can be washed in a washing machine after removing the sound unit from the zip pocket. MyHummy is made of certified materials suitable from birth.

To turn the non-stop mode on click the button three times quickly. You’ll hear a ‘beep’ that confirms the change. To turn the non-stop mode off, switch myHummy off by pressing the button for about 1 second. After myHummy is turned on again, it will revert back to to the Sleep Sensor mode.

The wonders of white noise have no age limit! Although myHummy was created to help newborn babies, even in hospital and neonatal units, white noise can equally be enjoyed by everyone. Older babies, toddlers and even adults can use white noise to aid sleep as it has a soothing effect and masks background noise which can disturb sleep.

World class quality

Made in the EU

MyHummy white and pink noise toys are designed and made in the EU to the highest international standards. Baby’s safety is our top priority and our toys have undergone rigorous testing to comply with the strictest EU requirements.

Quick Shipping

Every myHummy bear is lovingly packaged to make sure you receive it in pristine condition. Our award winning toys are dispatched from the UK using carefully selected delivery partners.

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