MyHummy Review: Ever After With Kids

"...hello, nice to meet you, my name is Kate and I have been sleep deprived since March 2017, the day my ‘woke’ baby was born (and I don’t mean ‘woke’ in the hip and trendy sense, I mean she’s awake.  Wide awake.  All the time.) She... read more

MyHummy Review: Mumconventional

Mumconventional mum of 2, Fern, is a master of kicking toys under the couch and pretending they don't exist, and writing wonderful blog posts about the very real side of parenting! We've managed to turn this white noise non-believer into a big 'ole... read more

MyHummy Review: The Cute Secret to a Good Night Sleep!

Lovely coastal mummy of two, Rebecca, has a young lady that really doesn't appreciate sleep! She had struggled away for a while now feeling like a zombie, but not anymore! "As parents we would try anything to get a few more hours sleep at night... read more

MyHummy Review: My Girls & Me xo

Becca is mumma to two little girls, Rosie & Miyah. Little Miyah was a good sleeper in the early days, but then teething happened... "I think the only other time she would settle to sleep would be in the pram or the car but she would never... read more

20 New Baby Essentials in 2018

Zoe is a sweet mama who is winging motherhood and eyeliner... and crushing both! She has kindly compiled a list of her Top 20 Must-Haves for your newborn! read more

MyHummy Review: Sleeping with our myHummy

Nikita has been running her lovely blog for a few years now, documenting her journey into motherhood. Her little sassy Saskia has been waking all through the night since she arrived which was tough for Nikita, but then... "Last week, Saskia and I... read more

MyHummy Review: Need Sleep? Try myHummy

Mama Caitylis has welcomed parenting posts to her lovely blog after the birth of her beautiful little boy, Theodore! She is a wonderfully talented writer with a keen eye for photography, and she's definitely a mama who values her sleep! "So... read more

MyHummy Review: Rebekah & Esther

Rebekah knows that there ain't no hood like motherhood! She blogs all about being a mother, home decor and her upcoming DIY wedding. Her sweet little girl Esther would sometimes put up a fight before going to sleep, but now she has a friend in... read more

Parental burnout - white noise

Parental Burn Out - It’s REAL!

A guest blog by Dr Shireen Saluja   What is parental burnout? Parental burn out is a term I have heard more and more since becoming a parent myself. I guess I never really noticed it until it started happening... read more

MyHummy Royal Gift for Prince Louis

Royal Gift to Help Prince Louis Sleep Like a King!

After a video was released of new daddy of 3, Prince William, falling asleep at the Anzac Day service just two days after little Louis’ arrival, we’re sure... read more

Top Tips for Getting Your Baby to Sleep

As any parent knows, sleep can be somewhat of a mystery when it comes to babies. In fact, according to research from Ergoflex on the sleeping habits of people across the UK, parents are getting just 5.1 hours of sleep per night in the first year of their child's life.... read more

MyHummy Review: White Noise & Baby Sleep!

Heidi has over 15 years experience working as a Nanny, Maternity Nurse and Baby Sleep Consultant. While working as a very successful Baby Sleep Consultant, running parenting courses and looking after a little one, she still somehow finds time to... read more

MyHummy Review: myHummy - myHero?

In blogger Jess’ words, she’s a “not-very-maternal mum of two just blogging her way through the daily challenges of glass of fizz at a time”! Documenting her corking life with bubbly little Sofia and Arlo. “Do you know... read more

MyHummy Review: Documenting the Drews

First time mum Bella began “Documenting the Drews” as a way of keeping all the family’s special memories in one place. With her partner putting himself through University and their sweet little tot, Primrose, struggling with CMPA and reflux,... read more

MyHummy Review: MyHummy... My Hero!!!

Jessica writes from the beautiful county of Norfolk, telling tales of her two boys, the family dog and the cat! Her youngest, little Elijah, has breathing difficulties which meant he was waking up to 8 times a night. They thought he would still be... read more

MyHummy Review: A Dizzy Daisy

Sian writes of all things beauty, fashion and of course... babies! After the birth of her first little one, Sian had been known to pop her gorgeous little rascal, Archie, in front of the washing machine in his pram until he dozed off... that was... read more

MmyHummy product review

Sisters and Sons: myHummy review

Sisters and Sons is a lovely blog run by two sisters from Northern Ireland who both embarked on their parenthood journey just six months apart. Tara, one half of the writing duo, was struggling with her little one's sleep. She hadn’t had a single... read more

MyHummy Review: Diapers at Dawn

Jay, north Londoner and mummy of two, decided to take on a blog to put her Journalism degree to good use. She chats about everything she loves most in the world - her kids! Jay was worried about leaving her phone next to her gorgeous wee girly but... read more

MyHummy white noise teddy bear Filbert

MyHummy Review: Bedtime with Filbert

Jess is author of Nora & Co, girlboss and founder of the incredible jewellery, headwear and accessory brand Rock N Rose and mumma to two beautiful little ones: Nora and Woody. “Isn’t sleep just the most amazingly blissful, enjoyable... read more

MyHummy Review: Devon Mama

Lovely Hayley started writing Devon Mama in 2016 when she was on maternity leave, documenting family life as she knows it, even the messy bits. Now with a cheeky chappy toddler on her hands she was desperate to conquer that last nightly wake up.... read more

MyHummy Review: MyHummy, My Saviour!

Military wife and super mum, Rebecca, talks openly on her blog about the hardships that some families face when bringing new life into the world. She has two gorgeous kids and another on the way! Rebecca had a tough time when her darling Oscar... read more

MyHummy Review: Lucy Loves It

Lucie takes to her blog to talk surviving parenthood while promoting body and parenting confidence - get ready to feel like you have a new big sister! “As a new mum, one thing I get asked a lot by other mums or mums to be is “What are your... read more

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