Top Tips for Getting Your Baby to Sleep

As any parent knows, sleep can be somewhat of a mystery when it comes to babies. In fact, according to research from Ergoflex on the sleeping habits of people across the UK, parents are getting just 5.1 hours of sleep per night in the first year of their child's life.... read more

MmyHummy product review

Sisters and Sons: myHummy review

Sisters and Sons is a lovely blog run by two sisters (and mums) from Northern Ireland. "It is amazing how our bodies adapt and how you learn to function on broken sleep, it just becomes your new normal. Even the odd night away I have had from... read more

MyHummy white noise teddy bear Filbert

MyHummy Review: Bedtime with Filbert

Jess, author of Nora &Co, is also a founder of the increadible jewellery, headwear and accessories brand Rock N Rose. She's a mum to two beautiful kids: Nora and Wilfred. What did Jess think about myHummy white noise teddy bear Filbert?... read more

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