myHummy Review: Laura’s Lovely Blog

Laura’s Lovely Blog is a UK parenting, lifestyle and book blog that writes about family life, positivity and of course, lovely things! “Sleep. It is something that is absolutely sacred to you as the parent of a newborn. You take it in snatches and delight at being able to get 3 hours all in one … Continued

Bluetooth vs Non-Bluetooth Review

Bryony writes a wonderful blog containing anything and everything! Motherhood, children, beauty, mental health, interviews, budget, humour, help share thoughts, feelings, advice etc. There’s something for everyone! Mama Bryony has very kindly reviewed myHummy. She talks very in depth about the differences between our new Bluetooth models and our classic models. So see what she … Continued

myHummy Review: The Less-Refined Mind

Meet blogger Kate; author by day, kickass Jedi Master by night. Kate’s daughter Elfin is not a big fan of the luxury we call sleep. “we used to make excuse after excuse for her due to the allergies, there are simply none left to give: she’s just a fiend when it comes to sleep.” Then … Continued

Jasmine’s first week with myHummy

Meet mama Marie whose record for rocking her daughter to sleep is 5 hours. She’s a first time mum form Norwich who has a daughter that hates sleep. “At 7 months old she has never slept for any sort of duration, currently up every 20/30 minutes each night” What happened when Jasmine was introduced a … Continued


The lovely Kirstie, a West Midlands Beauty Consultant/Make Up Artist turned top knot wearing Stay-At-Home Mum, has been trying out myHummy with her newborn, Benjamin! She is no newcomer to white noise, having used a white noise app with her first baby. “I would tell anyone who would listen to download this app!” But there … Continued

Pillow Magazine: The Bear Necessities

Pillow Magazine enchants it’s readers with musings on beauty, tips on travel and London lifestyle. Their newest section being “Pregnancy & Baby”, we had to share this article about our Snoozy with you: SLEEP is a hot topic amongst parents-to-be, first cropping up when you are pregnant (“you’ll never get any sleep now!”) and likely … Continued

MyHummy Review: OddHogg

Mama Kimberley writes a lifestyle blog about her adventures as a new parent. She writes to remember the ordinary moments. Her newest addition to the family is now home after a stay in hospital due to being born premature. Her little man, JJ, is adjusting beautifully to his new home life. “I decided to operate … Continued

YouTube Review – 1 Plus 1 is 3

  Above is the lovely Kirsten. Mum of 2 making videos to support people who are trying to conceive, pregnant or the parent of a newborn baby. The parenting journey was much harder than she expected, so she hopes to help you by talking about the things nobody tells you about and having a laugh … Continued

MyHummy Review: My Human Bean

“It’s like the sharpest nanny in the world.” My Human Bean is a beautifully hilarious blog run by Kirsty, mum to River. In her own words, she decided that “I should start documenting my experiences (like no other mums are doing online)” and boy does she! This is a blog you want to be following! … Continued

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